Perfect Gifts for the New Mum

When a new baby arrives, no-one can wait to spoil the new addition with love and beautiful gifts, but sometimes the New Mum is overlooked.

I can remember as a New Mum, feeling overwhelmed with a little human who is totally dependent on you and suffering from a lack of sleep and questioning my maternal  instincts. 

This is where Self-care becomes so important for every new mum. A gift for the new mum is the perfect way of showing support and maybe taking away a little stress at a time when she may be feeling vulnerable.

We offer a broad range of gifts suitable for a new mum supporting self-care including soaps, candles, diffusers, yoga dice, socks, slippers, books and much more.

Here are some of our favourites:

1.  Bath Salts are a beautiful way to relax and unwind for the new mum. Being able to have just thirty minutes to soak in the tub and have a little bit of me time is so important to refresh and rejuvenate a tired new mum.

We have a range to suit every new mum, from bath bombs including therapeutic magnesium and lavender from Soapmaid, floral bath salts from The Sunday Lab or bath salts from The Unwined Candle Co made from natural dead sea salt.

All are Australian made using natural ingredients which have no harmful additives or chemicals, which is so important to any new mum.

2. Candles

Who doesn't love a deliciously fragrant candle, whether you prefer citrus or floral or even woody undertones. Candles are the perfect new mum gift.

Whether it's to freshen your home or create a relaxing ambience perfect for those night time feeds.

New mum's will love our beautiful candles all Australian made. Our Lunar & Co. Candles are locally made from natural soy wax and include an energising crystal, perfect for the new mum.

3. Goat's Milk Hand Wash

This luxurious hand wash from Scarlett & Grace is paraben & chemical free, safe for even the most sensitive skin.

At a time when a new mum is constantly washing her hands, using a natural product that nourishes the skin and leaves it silky smooth will provide a little luxury for any new mum.

A healthy new mum promotes a happy, healthy baby.

Win, win for everyone.