Supporting Charities through Boxed Christmas Cards

Supporting Australian Charities through Boxed Christmas Cards is just one of the many benefits of sending one of our boxed Christmas Cards this year.

Many of us have been separated from friends and family throughout another trying year, and what better way to connect with them, than sending a thoughtful Christmas Card. Send love and joy this Christmas, after all isnt that what Christmas is all about. Charity Christmas Cards can spread the love to more than the sender and receiver, but also to the charity it supports & those who are helped by the charity. 

Many people who live alone may treasure receiving a Charity Christmas Card, it can provide comfort in lonely times. You could send a text or email but you cant put either of those on a mantlepiece.

Christmas Cards can provide that feel good moment when it is received, but can also provide support at a later date for anyone who keeps their cards to look back on. Sometimes a treasured Christmas Card can refresh memories of days gone by, a comforting Christmas Card is always appreciated.

Purchasing a  box of Charity Christmas Cards is more economical than individual cards. You can personalise each card with your own message, or keep it simple with the message already on each card.

We encourage everyone to post their Christmas Cards early this year as we know the logisitical nightmare Australia Post is experiencing, more than any other year at this busy time. Your Christmas Card may arrive early but that will give the recipient longer to appreciate the card.

Some of the charities that our Boxed Christmas Cards support are Beyond Blue, Make--a-Wish, RSPCA, Breast Cancer Network Australia, Jeans for Genes, The Peter Mac Foundation and more.

Not only do our Christmas Cards support these worthwhile charities but many are designed by local Australian Artists and designers. Sometimes even local printers are supported. The benefits for the Australian economy from you purchasing a Boxed Charity Christmas Card is far reaching.

Spread the love and happiness to those you care about by sending a Boxed Charity Christmas Card this year, and this will reflect the kind of person you are.